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About me

More or less successful experiences, more or less unusual hobbies and things I like to do in my free time.
/ Who is this strange character?
That's me. In the photo, I mean. It was taken on a peaceful spring weekend, near my parents' house, near Limoges. Limoges is a city in the centre of France. It is known for its vast landscapes (which, as a nature lover, fill me with joy). It also has a beautiful railway station (you should really Google it) and a famous porcelain industry (although I don't know much about it, but many people do).

Now I live in Paris, a big city with many advantages, like good internet connection and many open museums. But I also like to go back to Limoges to walk in the quiet forests and do a different kind of creative watch.

Professional      experiences

I worked in cool places, where I met people who guided and motivated me to become what I am now. Since 2019 I've also been working on freelance projects, both as a designer and developer.
  • 2019-2022 Now
    Freelance Web designer, Web developer, Motion designer
  • 2019
    Envergure Group Web designer
    / Apprenticeship contract
  • 2017
    Grow 3 Web designer
    / Internship

      Side projects

I like to do side projects to meet new people and find new ways to create. At the moment I'm working part-time in a high school teaching web design and communication. I still don't know if the students have noticed that I'm not much older than them, but I hope I'm doing well!
  • 2019 - 2022 Now
    High school teacher Web design, Communication
    / I just started my third year
  • 2020
    Kalaweit Web designer
    / 6 months in an association
  • 2019
    Citizen for climat Web designer
    / 3 months in an association
  • Softwares I like to
            work with (when not looking at butterflies)
    Figma, Sketch, After effects, Cinema 4D, Webflow, Adobe suite…
  • Awwwards and
    lol I’m junior
  • Technos I’m good at
    Front-end development, Native Javascript, Processing, Arduino
/ I’m also pretty good at making weird cocktails

And about fun trucs

/ Excuse my frenglish
  • I participated in the French Handball Championship twice
  • I cycled through 6 European countries
  • I volunteered as a firefighter for 3 years (+4 years as a young firefighter)
  • I have animated summer camps in a cool ecological center

Want to meet up

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I’m always thrilled to hear about freelance inquiries, collaboration proposals or any worldwide cool opportunity / Wholesome and nice messages are also accepted
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Léo Parpeix,0, Digital Art DirectorFRANCE(Paris)

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